Jerome Rosenberg out of state (L.A.) slum lord under investigation for numerous fraud charges.

Jerome Rosenberg known slum lord under investigation for numerous scams in Las Vegas. Bilking 100's of thousands using a 7 year rent to own and other scrupulous methods. Elderly women falls thru floor and gets severly injured and others want jail time.

 Picture of Jerry Jerome Rosenberg he states he is smarter then anyone. Well now he has left a trail of victims. And this is what will put him away. Born in Brooklyn New York. We hear his daughter is involved also. Taking no remorse just getting your money and kicking you out or telling you the home is in good shape. Turn on the water, see the pipes leak. Turn on the gas and the heater will not work. Turn on the electric and the outlets in the house will not work. You then have a house that is unliveable. And he will not help you. He will just rent it again and again to people who are just trying to acquire the American Dream. He abuses the system. Gets large down payments out of many has alot of houses to do this scam on. His ex employee has all the name and addresses to be investigated. He has left a paper trail that will convict him.

Jerome Rosenberg has been scamming people for years. He owns alot of properties in the Las Vegas area. He puts his properties on the market using free sites like Craigslist states no security own your own home. Plays off people who are low on cash and want to acquire the american dream of owning your own home. Families come in fix it up pay several hundred over the normal rate and he pockets the cash. Or receives large down and then lies telling the victims that the home only needs cosmetics. But once gas, water and electric is turned on that is when the victims notice bad pipes, electric outlets not working. Pool pumps and filters not even with the bacteria filled pools. Leaving the potential new home owner to have to pay for all the expensive things that need to be fixed. He will rent you a home with out no heat,air,busted water pipes and no pool pumps or filters. Costing the new home owner thousands of unplanned bills. He has done this same scam over and over again. Las Vegas Police department fraud department has been notified and the tenants that fell for his rent to own scam are forming a group to testify against him. He has been known to even call the police and try to get the police to harress the rent to own victim by telling police they are tresspassing even tho he received monies and already sent out fraudulant 5 days notices that he makes up himself trying to scare off the rent to own tenant. If you have fell victim to Jerome Rosenberg please e mail us and tell us your story. He will rent to anyone. As long as they have cash. Drug dealers, low income families and people who are in need of a home right away are his best victims. The New York times is now getting involved and writing a story about an elderly women who worked for him. Did a rent to own 7 year suppose to have $25,000 for down payment in 7 years. He pockets the money even tho by law he is suppose to set it aside. She complained about numerous things wrong. The floor caved in on the home leaving the women in very serious medical condition. He did not care and his daugher Mariom stated she is nuts. The women was severly hurt and she is seeking to put him in jail. If you have any information on Jerome Rosenberg please join our group to expose his well thought out scheem. He appears to be a nice guy on the phone. But he is a demon in disguise with no thought for people thier needs or their families.

New update. We now have several people who have been scammed and are building the case against him.Thanks to people who worked for him or rented homes from him. He also rented a home to a women found out she got an inheritance and even tho the women gave him $7000 cash down on the house wanted him to sign papers to make her a legit deal. She then got some mail at the home that was in his name she opened it up and found that the home she was suppose to purchase was being foreclosed and had to move. Beware Jerry Jermone Rosenberg is a true scammer and user of the system.